The Education of an X-Ray Technician

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x-ray-educationTo get the absolute finest x ray technician training, it is important that you attend an accredited x ray tech school with the best reputation for academics, employment assistance and alumni. However, receiving your technician training does not have to be accomplished at a college or in a four year university setting.

You can receive outstanding training from any number of technical trade schools, hospitals, including even the Armed Forces. One of the primary questions on most people’s minds who want to pursue a career as an x ray technician, is how long will x ray training take? What it may come down to is, your personal goals, and your current training, or experience.

You can actually achieve a certificate in as little as one year, and jump right into any available jobs as an x ray technician. Keep in mind though that the longer you stay in school, the more likely you can qualify for a pay scale that is significantly higher. With this in mind, you can stay in school as long as is necessary to pursue a two-year associate degree, or even a four-year baccalaureate degree.

In actuality, the most common degree in the x ray profession today is the 2 year associate degree. If you like to take the lead and could consider a role as a supervisor or an administrator, a 4 year bachelor degree would prepare you more for this opportunity.

What are the basics of x ray technician training?

First and foremost, you will learn instruction in daily patient care. As a technician, you will be dealing hands on with people on a regular basis. If you are uncomfortable around people or are not a people person, a career in healthcare as a technician may not be for you. During training you will also learn how to use complex radiographic equipment, and the best techniques to engage.

When it comes to your classes, you will be required to study a bit in radiation physics, sciences, including anatomy, pathology, radiobiology, and physiology. When learning about direct patient contact, you will be taught, patient positioning, radiation safety, examination techniques, medical ethics and terminology, and the direct use of medical imaging devices.

After you have earned your certificate or degree as an x-ray technician, it is highly likely that you may be hired by, a physician, general surgical hospital, or the Armed Forces. Although it is possible to become employed as an x-ray technician without becoming registered, it is important that you do seek registration credentials because most employers today require the hiring of a radiologist that is registered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists.

This is why it is critical to graduate from an accredited x ray technician program. To maintain your registration after you have graduated, you will need to complete 24 hours of continuing educational units (CEU’s) every other year. This will keep you up to date on the newest technology and use of the latest equipment.

Before you pursue a specific career in the medical field, it is a good idea to research and get a feel for how much you can make in the profession. Too many novices simply jump impulsively into a field or career without having any kind of plan or goals to achieve. This can ultimately lead to a disastrous future.

This is not to say that spontaneity can’t be incorporated into future plans, but to allow everything to hinge on chance, can put a person on a path with no ability to control direction and make changes as necessitated. This is a lifestyle that many people live throughout their lives, total chance.

As discussed on a leading physical therapy career blog, there are things that can be done in the beginning of a career that will eventually pay dividends at some future point in time. Things, such as remaining in school to, acquire a BS degree, rather than jumping into the profession with just an AS degree.

Some day you might realize that you want to be the master of your destiny and plan to establish your own physical therapy practice. This goal will be much easier to accomplish if you set plans in motion at the inception of your career, rather than waiting until much later.

To Specialize or Not, How It Affects Salary Levels

If you have decided that a physical therapy assistant salary is for you, then one of the things you might also want to consider is how you might be able to maximize your future salary situation by becoming a specialist in a specific field of therapy.

As in the medical doctor profession, there are new avenues of medicine that based on demand can allow a specialist to command some of the highest salaries possible. This has been seeping into the physical therapy field, where there are certain practices that focus on one or a few specific therapies.

Those individuals, who become authorities for certain maladies and therapies and have produced a solid history of successful outcomes, can pretty much write their ticket, so to speak.

During the 60′s and 70′s when breast augmentation became the rage, demand grew so high that plastic surgeons were able to command ridiculous fees. People have shown that they will pay anything to get what they want.

Happiness is a Productive Physical Therapy Assistant

The daily life of a physical therapy assistant can be a rigorous one. Many experience the roller coaster of successes and setbacks, but are able to maintain a healthy and positive outlook throughout each day. Obviously, the goal is to maintain an excellent record of substantial progress, but the reality is that some setbacks and obstacles can be difficult to overcome.

Having a strong mental outlook, and the self-confidence that, the work you do has meaning and positively impacts many people, may eventually overcome any difficult circumstances that slow or impede progress. When confronted with the struggle that many patients endure throughout their treatments, yet continue to fight the good fight, can be very uplifting for any caregiver.

One of the best conditions that make for a happy physical therapy assistant is the fact that when the best of patient outcomes out weighs the struggles, you know that you are developing credibility within your industry. Doctors will respect your skills to the degree that they will be willing to risk their patients to your capable hands.

What Is a Pharmacy Tech?

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If you are unfamiliar with the term and want to know what a pharmacy tech is, you should know that it is the person that you are most likely to come in contact with when you require the services of a pharmacy.

Quality licensed pharmacist work in the back filling prescriptions, there are often a number of pharmacy techs working directly under him or her in the front of the pharmacy helping patients to fill their prescriptions.

A pharmacy tech is responsible in many pharmacies for filling prescriptions, properly filling out labels, and putting medications into the correct container and applying the proper label. Their job is a critical part of ensuring that patients receive the correct medications. It is a job demands great attention to detail in order to keep patients safe.

In addition pharmacy techs are used to restock shelves and perform administrative duties such as working with insurance companies to make sure the proper medications are available and billing is proper and correct. The pharmacy tech is probably the face of your local pharmacy.

Pharmacy Tech Resume

If you’re planning on becoming employed as a pharmacy tech you’re going to need a good resume. Basically, players are going to be looking for three things on your resume.

The first thing they’re going to want to know is where you received your formal training. Many pharmacy techs get their education from their local community college, however sometimes trade schools offers pharmacy tech classes. It is even possible to complete your formal training by taking online pharmacy Tech training.

In some states in addition to formal training, there are requirements for training hours and the working pharmacy. You should understand that this varies from state to state as to the requirements on the number of hours. One tip that points out, is that even if it is not a state requirement, to become more attractive to an employer finding a way to complete 40 to 80 hours of training in a pharmacy is helpful to becoming employed.

The third thing that employers are going to want to see is that you have passed the exam to become a certified pharmacy technician. Once your resume has these three requirements, employers will be happy to read your pharmacy tech resume and many will offer you employment.

Currently there is an explosion of available medical billing and coding jobs. You also have a wide variety of settings you can work from, including from home. The medical field is growing leaps and bounds every year, and with that growth there has been a steady flow of billing and coding to process.

Medical billers and coders are responsible of assigning appropriate diagnosis and treatment codes based of the criteria that has been charted by the medical doctor, or any healthcare facility. The billing portion assumes the job of retrieving the coding and inputting into computer software and generates electronic bills, to be sent via the internet. Payments from insurance companies for services are usually received and posted to the appropriate accounts.

Why Get Certified

The job is expected to continue to grow within the years, as health service needs increase, as well. The salary for a medical biller and coder, according to, is a very good benefit and with certification, makes the employee all the more valuable.

Yes, for those who gain their medical billing and coding certification degree, it is noted as one of the best pieces of paper one can have, as a negotiation tool to many employers. It states that you have the knowledge and credibility to be marketable within the medical professional administrative field.

When one is pursuing their medical billing and coding certification, there are many different avenues one can take to achieve this goal. There are the local community colleges, that offer certificate programs for this field. They have day and evening classes, which makes the ability to take classes a bit more convenient, especially for the working person.

Many four year universities offer the medical billing and coding program within their curriculum. Although, keep in mind that, being the facility has a four year term time line, many more comprehensive studies would be contributed to the medical billing and coding degree, and ultimately, the student would have a Bachelors degree, upon graduation, which is even more impressive.

And lastly, one of the best ways of continuing ones educational efforts, is with online learning. This opportunity is such a value to the many individuals who already have a very busy life, with working an already full time job and various family obligations. Online education has increased significantly due to its flexibility. Learning, when you have the time, is its motto, making the realism of obtaining your medical billing and coding certification well within your reach.